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Case Studies

Churchill's (Lincoln) LTD


Churchill's is a busy daytime restaurant in Lincoln. They needed a website to promote the business, along with an administrative staff system to plan rotas and manage customer bookings. More recently they have introduced a VIP scheme which stores customer details and markets them weekly. We also manage their social media accounts and graphic design work.

The Website

The website http://www.churchillslincoln.co.uk/ was developed with a mobile friendly focus in mind. It showcases a little about the business, the menu and gives customers the option to send enquiries and make table reservations. Recently the function to sign up to the VIP club was added, allowing a secure sign in section and the ability to view QR code enabled vouchers to either print off or present on their mobile when visiting the restaurant.

The System

Churchill's needed an easy way to plan rotas. The system that was developed manages all personale, along with their personal details and gives the manager the ability to plan rotas weeks in advance. Once they are ready to be sent out, a text is sent out to each staff member with their rota on it. Staff are also able to sign into the system and view their rota should they lose the text message. The system also prints out the rota to put on the wall and calculates how much each staff member is paid each week. The system also manages customer's bookings, staff vacancy enquiries, revenue and the VIP club.

Social Media

Churchill's is active on Facebook and Instagram, and we regular conduct marketing campaigns for them through these channels.

Graphic Design Work

Churchill's regulary requires new menus and posters for their business and we handle all of this for them.